CarPro – The Cube Starter Kit

$39.95 Incl gst

Kit Includes

  • CarPro So2Pure
  • CarPro Reset
  • CarPro Eraser
  • CarPro FogFight
  • CarPro Hydro2
  • CarPro Reload
  • CarPro Iron X LS
  • CarPro TarX
  • CarPro PERL:

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Sample 9 innovative CarPro products in one great kit

CarPros innovative formulas have taken North America by storm!  With breakthroughs in many areas CarPro has focused on superior performance, saving enthusiasts and detailers alike time and money, while producing a better finish with better protection!  This cleverly designed kit offers the perfect way to sample 9 of our amazing products at once!

To read more about any of the items listed below or to easily grab a larger bottle of any, use the search box in the upper left of our store.

This amazing value packed kit contains the following:

CarPro So2Pure: The amazing Tio2 Nanotech interior cleaner that permanently removes odours!

CarPro Reset: Our amazing new auto wash designed for maintenance of all CQuartz coatings as well as Hydro2, Reload, and more!

CarPro Eraser: Glass Cleaner, Post Polish inspection, and Pre Coat cleaner!

CarPro FogFight: Avoid annoying foggy windows with fog fight!

CarPro Hydro2: The Game changer!  Absolutely amazing… Superior gloss, EXTREME Ease of use, and months of reliable and superior protection

CarPro Reload: The Incredible spray on/wipe off Inorganic Quartz Sealant – Paint stays glossy far longer than with traditional waxes that are oily in contrast to our durable nanotech Quartz gloss

CarPro Iron X LS: The Award Winning Iron X!  Need we say more?  In test after test by independant observers Iron X has beat the competition time and again!

CarPro TarX: Easily remove Tar and Adhesive… watch as it melts off in front of your eyes!

CarPro PERL: Be prepared to watch a lot of other products waste away on the shelf!  This incredibly cost efficient and versatile product comes in concentrate form and performs incredibly on interiors and exterior plastic, rubber, vinyl, tires and more!


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